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Affordable, Easy to Use, Mobile Punchlist App.

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Frustrated trying to use other overly complicated Construction Management Programs?

You're not alone.

What would you do with an extra six hours a week?

That's how much time each person on the project will save using our punchlist app.

Just what you need!

And nothing more.

Here's how it works... the GC creates a project, assigns room numbers, assigns a PM, Super and Subs and everyone is notified. Now it's walk-thru time. The on-site Super captures items noted by himself or the client (with before & after pics) and the PM and GC get status updates. Existing or new Subs can then be assigned for resolution, the punchlist item(s) get closed and sign-off is immediately available by the client. Bada-bing, bada-boom. You're done.

By the way, installation of desktop software is NOT required and the number of projects is unlimited - No sheets here :-).

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Still using Excel?

Get with the times. We'll even help import your project information to help get you started.

Our Services Prices and Plans

Prices quoted below are for month-to-month subscriptions.

Need more licenses? Need help importing existing project data? Want to white-label the app with your branding?
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Companies We Work With
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NNI Construction

What our awesome clients say

The Surefire Punchlist app has streamlined operations for us at NNI Construction saving us over 6 hours per week - per person!

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Surefire Punchlist® Mobile Punch List App.

Affordable, Easy to Use, Mobile Punchlist App.

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